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What's up with Chris Dryden?

Christopher Dryden, (the ‘CD’ in question), is a trainer and observer. The blog is an outlet for his passion for words both read and written to open conversation and build others in their awareness of themselves and their world.

The blog explores CD thoughts on various issues of life personal and spiritual. Some of the thoughts may be flippant, others maybe complex. Some are injected with humour and others are explore the more sombre aspects of life.

In all his writing there is the realisation that life is dependent on God as revealed through Jesus Christ. With this as a basic foundation all of life opens up as a voyage of discovering who God is and then who we are in the light of Him.

If you want to get the full flavour you can view his site by clicking here, or enjoy his entries from this page right here.



A Matter of Ownership

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It doesn’t how much the declaration is made of being self-determined, independent and autonomous, there is to a degree something or someone that owns us, we give our lives over to it or the someone, they hold us I  their thrall. I wonder who or what you belong to. For His Name’s Sake Shalom C.…



Thank God for … November

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Back at the beginning of this month, I mentioned what a fan I am of November. As the month reaches its close I am still a big admirer of the month. Although the 2015 edition will not go down in history as the greatest of my lifetime there have been highlights. One of the most…



Thank God for … Vocation

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Work, job, career, occupation, something to do. This weekend I was reminded that to be able to work is not a curse, it’s a blessing. We were created to purposefully occupy our time with effort and labour. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful when we approach the purposeful use of time in response…

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